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Commercial Cabinet Refacing in Kamloops, British Columbia

Reface It Cabinet Refacing Inc. offers refacing services to residential and commercial properties throughout Kamloops, Clearwater, Merritt, Chase, and the surrounding areas. Here you can see the steps we take to reface your cabinets:

A Complete Cabinet Refacing Service for Commercial Clients

First, we remove your existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts, discarding these items as they are not reused.

The frames are sanded down to make sure the surface is good for a high-quality bond. If your cabinet frames need strengthening or repairing, we also provide that service.

If you have any layout changes or wish to add a new cabinet, we conduct that project at this time.

All existing exposed cabinet frames are laminated or veneered at this step. We use a high-pressure laminate or wood veneer. Our lamination work is completed with a double bonding technique using a non-toxic industrial strength adhesive which is commonly used in laminate and wood refacing.

Next, we fit your new door and drawer fronts to the frames. You can choose between MDF thermofoil or solid wood. Reface It Cabinet Refacing Inc. has custom crafted cabinets available with many fine, select woods and laminate finishes. Ask about our options for more details.

At this stage, we install mouldings, toe kicks, bumper pads, and self-closing hinges.

We can then install new or re-laminate existing countertops to complete the look of your kitchen’s transformation.

An inspection of our work is conducted from top to bottom to ensure complete satisfaction.

Your beautiful new project is now complete!

How Long Does Refacing Cabinets Take?

Completely replacing your kitchen cabinets can put your kitchen out of commission for as long as three weeks. On the other hand, refacing your kitchen cabinets take typically two to five days to complete. Refacing saves you not only money but time. For more information on refacing your cabinets and what we offer, check out our frequently asked questions.

Commercial Cabinet Refacing

Learn from commercial cabinet refacing from professionals in the field!

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