Answering Your FAQs on Cabinet Refacing in Kamloops

Q: Do you do newer cabinets?

A: Yes, we do, we can either reface your cabinets or just change the doors.

Q: Why refacing?

A: Cost is the most attractive reason to reface. You can save 30 – 70% by refacing instead of replacing your cabinets, depending on your plans.

Q: What about quality?

A: Chances are that your existing cabinets are of better quality construction than the cabinets you can buy to replace them. Unless you spend big bucks for a quality cabinet, most of the lower- to mid-range cabinets are basic pressed wood covered in a fancy contact paper and maybe hardwood frames to make them look good.

Q: What about durability?

A: After your cabinets are covered in plastic laminate (the same material your countertops are made of), they are easy to clean, waterproof, require no upkeep, and, best of all, can be repaired if any damage should occur.

Q: Do refaced cabinets look good?

A: Yes! In most cases, it’s hard to tell a refaced kitchen from a new one. When refacing with solid colours, the full sheets of lamination can be used so that there are fewer or no visible seams between your cabinets.

Q: What about choices?

A: Refacing offers a nearly unlimited selection of styles and colours from which to choose. We can cater to even those people who have something special or different in mind.

Q: What do I get when my kitchen is refaced?

A: When refacing your kitchen, you receive new cabinet doors and new drawers. The new cabinets are fitted with custom, self-closing hinges and your choice of hardware. All other exposed surfaces will be covered with matching plastic laminate. During the process, your cabinets do not need to be removed at all.

Q: Can additional cabinets be added into my existing cabinets? Or a dishwasher?

A: Yes, all of the above and more are possible!

Q: Can you install only a countertop in my kitchen?

A: Yes! You may choose only a new countertop for a quick, inexpensive change.

Q: Are the doors and drawer fronts easy to clean?

A: Yes. Simply take a damp cloth and wipe all surfaces clean.

Q: Is refacing a sound investment for my home?

A: Yes. Updated kitchens add a lot of value to your home. In fact, a survey by Remodeling Magazine of real estate professionals showed that even minor kitchen remodeling projects return 120% of their costs when the home is sold.

Q: Is there a lot of mess and inconvenience with refacing?

A: There is very little mess and inconvenience to refacing. The average refacing project takes about three to four days to complete by expert installers. The only thing you have to worry about is removing all the contents from your cabinets.

Q: Sounds good. What’s the next step?

A: That’s easy. Please contact Reface It. We cater to residential and commercial properties throughout Kamloops, Clearwater, Merritt, and Chase.

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